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"Unsupported Browser For Mail Merge" error received while performing a Mail Merge using Office 2010 with Windows 7

Knowledge Article Number 000004499
Description When attempting to perform a Mail Merge, users who have Office 2010 with Windows 7 receive an error "Unsupported Browser For Mail Merge"

The standard Mail Merge feature of Salesforce (i.e. not the server side Extended Mail Merge) does not support Word 2010 with Windows 7. In order to perform mail merges when using Word 2010 / Windows 7, you will need to enable Extended Mail Merge for your organization. Please contact Salesforce Support to have this feature enabled for your organization.

If Extended Mail Merge has already been enabled for your organization, it may be enabled under User Interface in the Setup Menu. Please refer to "Customizing User Interface Settings" in our Help & Training for additional information.

The same applies to the following combination of OS and Microsoft Word

Win 7 + Off 2010
Win 7 + Off 2013
Win 8 + Off 2010
Win 8 + Off 2013
Win10 + Off 2016

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