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Extra line in schedule report

Knowledge Article Number 000004520

Why is there was an extra line appearing in their schedule report?

The schedule amount appeared with a - symbol


When you run an opportunities with products and schedules report, you expect to see a listing of each scheduled line item for each product on the opportunity in order to determine how many scheduled shipments you have in a certain period. You might also see an extra line with a dash in the schedule quantity field.

The extra line that shows up is for the quantity.  If the org DOES NOT have quantity scheduling enabled, it is assumed that the products were delivered on the close date.

The report behaves with each row totaled.  If there was not an extra line, the quantity would have to show up for every month. The total quantity would then be multiplied by the number of months which is incorrect.

For example:

An opportunity for a product quantity of 5 and has the revenue schedule for 01/09/2013, 01/10/2013, and 01/11/2013 of $100 each date

Because the report type is Opportunities with Products and Schedules, the report will display 1 row for each schedule date, the report would look like this;

Schedule Date, Schedule Quantity, Schedule Amount
01/09/2013, 5, $100
01/10/2013, 5, $100
01/11/2013, 5, $100

With this report, you would expect the total schedule quantity to be 15, not 5.

To correct this, Salesforce will add 1 row Schedule Quantity and the rows for the schedule dates have blank quantities.

The report will look like this;

Schedule Date, Schedule Quantity, Schedule Amount
01/09/2013, 5, -
01/09/2013, -, $100
01/10/2013, -, $100
01/11/2013, -, $100

The result of the totals is expected behavior.

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