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What does it mean when an AppExchange app is listed as private?

Knowledge Article Number 000004523

At times you may run across an AppExchange entry that says "This listing is private and cannot be found by searching or browsing on the AppExchange."


This warning usually means that the partner who develops this application has not started or failed to pass the security review. During the app installation, there's a warning displayed that reads like the following..."Salesforce Inc. is not the provider of this application and has not conducted any review of it. Please click here to understand what this means with respect to security and trust". Private listings that were delisted are usually due to problems with their periodic security review.

Alternately, the app may be private on purpose, for example if the vendor does not wish to undergo a security review.

Customers should be made aware of the potential risks of private apps.

Information about the Security Review can be found here:


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