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Salesforce Classic App aka Mobile CRM error: SOAP Fault - LIMIT_EXCEEDED: Too much data for the sync

Knowledge Article Number 000004554

Salesforce Classic App aka Mobile CRM user(s) receives the following errors:

"SOAP Fault - LIMIT_EXCEEDED: Too much data for the sync".

SOAP Fault - REQUEST_RUNNING_TOO_LONG: your request running for too long and has been stopped. 

SOAP Fault - Query_TOO_Complicated: Query is either selecting too many fields...



When using the Salesforce Classic application aka Mobile CRM, the error message “SOAP Fault - LIMIT_EXCEEDED: Too much data for the sync” is returned.  This error typically occurs during a mobile activation, but can also occur after the user has successfully used mobile for an extended period.


All Salesforce Classic aka Mobile CRM users are associated to a mobile configuration and most mobile configurations have a specific Data Size Limit set.  If the amount of data generated on a mobile activation (or a full mobile update) exceeds the Data Size Limit, the above error is returned to the mobile user / device.  And until corrected, the device will no longer receive updates.


The resolution to this issue is to reduce the amount of data that is being sent to the mobile device.  This can be addressed by:

  • Within the mobile configuration, leverage Mobile Object Properties to reduce the number of fields (and associated metadata) that is delivered to the device.
  • Reevaluate the mobile data requirements, and if possible, modify the mobile configuration data sets such that only the most critical Salesforce information is delivered to the device.

If neither of the above reduces the amount of data to the point that the issue is resolved, it may be possible to simply increase the Data Size Limit on the mobile configuration.

 ***NOTE:  All Mobile Lite users are associated to the “default” mobile configuration and the default mobile configuration can NOT be modified as noted above.  Thus if this error is encountered by a Mobile Lite user, the only resolution may be to upgrade to a full mobile license.

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