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Mail Merge File Error sforceCommandFile.frc

Knowledge Article Number 000004592

In Salesforce, when trying to perform a mail merge, instead of generating the Word document, the system prompts with the following message:

Do you want to save this file?

Name: sforceCommandFile.frc
Type: Unknown File Type

When given the option for "Save" and "Cancel", but clicking either button does not generate the Word Doc.


This message generally appears when the ActiveX control that is responsible for Mail Merge gets unregistered. Follow the instructions given below to get rid of this error and successfully generate the Word Document:

1. Go to the Windows Start Button.
2. Select Run.
3. Where it says Open, type in the following: regsvr32 "c:\windows\Downloaded Program Files\sfcom.ocx"
4. Click ok
5. You should get a popup message that says: "DllRegisterServer in c:\windows\downloaded Program Files\sfcom.ocx succeeded.".
6. Go back to Salesforce and try the mail merge again.

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