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Unable to change your Salesforce System Administrator

Knowledge Article Number 000004627

If you can't change your Salesforce System Administrator using the steps in our "Change your Salesforce System Administrator" article, here are your options:



Get access to your previous Administrator's User Record

  • If your company has another active Administrator -  Have your current Administrator change the email address (and other details) on your previous Administrator's User Record using the steps in our "Edit Users" documentation.
  • If you have access to your previous Administrator’s email - Reset the password for the account using the steps in "Reset Your Forgotten Password" documentation.
  • If you own the corporate email domain - Use the steps in "Reset Your Forgotten Password," then have your internal email administrator intercept the password reset email.


Request an Administrator Change with Salesforce Customer Support

If you can't access your previous Administrator's User Record and there aren't any other Administrators on your account, Salesforce Customer Support can change your previous Administrator's email address for you.

To make the change (and preserve the security and integrity of the data in your account), we require letter on company letterhead with the request from a C-Level executive officer (for example, your CEO, CIO, CFO, or Business Owner).


Letter requirements

1. What is the current full username on the User Record you are requesting to change?  
2. What would you like the new email address to be?  (always prioritize corporate domain email addresses over third-party addresses like Gmail or Yahoo)
3. Why is the change is necessary?  
4. If you opened a case with Salesforce Customer Support, what is the case number?
5. Include your C-level executive officer's signature in ink.
6. Include your C-level executive officer's title and email address.
7. If you are a Salesforce Implementation Partner please specify that to improve the resolution time. 


How to send the letter to Salesforce Customer Support

For fastest processing, scan and email letter to the Salesforce Customer Support representative handling your case.

You can also fax the letter to +1 415-592-3583 with attention to Technical Support and inform the support representative you've sent the fax.


How your request will be processed

Once the letter has been received, we will escalate your case for further review. 

If approved, we will make the requested change and notify (via email from the case) the person requesting and the C-level executive authorizing the change.

We will then change the email address as requested allowing the user to reset the password (using forgot password) and log into the account.

Please Note:

Once this process has been completed, it is recommended as a best practice to ensure to have more then one System Administrator at any given time so that disruptions in service are avoided.

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