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Receive 'Insufficient Privileges' message when clicking 'Send email' on Account Object

Knowledge Article Number 000004629

Receive "Insufficient Privileges" message when clicking "Send email" on Account Object


If one experiences an insufficient privileges error message when attempting to send an e-mail through the account object, it is likely that the following steps were taken:

  • Open account page.
  • Click "Send Email" from within the Activity History related list.
  • "Insufficient Privileges" appears.

Normal behavior would display the task window during the third step. As the task screen relies upon access to both the contacts object and send an e-mail permission, it is likely that either or both permissions are missing. To resolve, please perform the following:

  • Open the user profile that is affected.
  • Verify that "Send Email" permission is enabled.
  • Verify that the user has "Read" access on account.
  • Verify that the user has "Read" access on contacts.

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