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What is the Automated Case User used for?

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What is the Automated Case User used for?


The Automated Case User is the user who is listed in the Case History for all automated case actions in Salesforce

  • When a case is automatically assigned using assignment rules
  • When a case is escalated
  • When a case is created online via web to case
  • When Email-to-Case fails to create a case, the Automated Case User is emailed with the error message(s), of why a case was not created.

This user is also specified in the From address for case escalation email notifications.

To change the Automated case User, please follow the directions below:.

  1. Click on: Setup| App Setup| Customize| Cases| Support Settings
  2. Click Edit to change any of the listed support settings.
  3. Choose the new Automated Case User by typing their full name in the field or by using the lookup icon.
  4. Click "Save".

All automated case actions will now have this new Automated Case User listed on the Case History.

Remember: Automated Case user must have the System Administrator profile or the “Modify All Data” and “Send Email” permissions.

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