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How to share newly created contacts on an existing account in salesforce to salesforce

Knowledge Article Number 000004677

I have enabled Salesforce to Salesforce, the 2 orgs are sharing Accounts and Contacts. I have subscribed successfully to the 2 objects, I can see Accounts, and I can see Contacts. When I forward an account from Org 1 to Org 2 and tick the box to forward the associated contacts, this works fine. In Org 2 an account is created, contacts are created and contacts are correctly associated with the Account. However, if Org 1 subsequently creates a new contact associated with the account that has been forwarded to Org 2 he then needs to be able to forward this contact to Org 2 and have that contact associate itself with the correct existing Account.

When I attempt to forward this new contact from Org 1 to Org 2 on its own from the contact page it fails to associate it with the correct account. It just leaves the account field blank. The contact is created but not associated to any account.


If you send the contact from the External Sharing related list on the contact page, the account association will NOT be carried over to the new org.

You must send the contact from the Account page. You need to add a field to the contact related list on the account page. There is a field called Sent Connection Name.

When you have added this field, you will see it has a link called manage connections. So to send a subsequent contact you must send it by clicking on this manage connections link.


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