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Nonprofits and Enabling Person Accounts

Knowledge Article Number 000004708

This article is for Nonprofit's or HED's that are considering whether or not to enable Person Accounts


For Nonprofit using Salesforce  Person Accounts are an option for your organization when thinking about how you want to model your data in Salesforce, and in particular, how to model your 'people' (the heart of your organization), in Salesforce. While every organization is unique, for the vast majority of organizations out there, today is still recommending utilizing the standard Contact and Account setup as the best path forward for most Salesforce deployments. This is for several reasons:

  1. Many organizations will not have the in-house expertise or know-how to customize their own data model from scratch
  2. products like the Nonprofit Success Pack rely on the basic Contact-Account model that comes 'out-of-the-box' for Salesforce
  3. The vast majority of nonprofit and HED customers utilize the Account-Acontact model, providing a robust community of expertise for new organizations to plug into

Things to keep in mind before Enabling Person Accounts:
  1. Person Accounts are a supported function of the platform, but are not considered 'standard' functionality.
  2. Person Accounts are modeled as an Account object in Salesforce. Because of this, they are not index-able as Contacts, and will not be identified when searching for Contact records.
  3. Person Accounts cannot be disabled once enabled for your organization

Before choosing whether or not to enable Person Accounts for your organization we recommend that you speak with your local Salesforce partner or professional before proceeding. If you do not have a Partner you can always inquire in the Power of Us Hub (click here for help about asking this question in the Hub).

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