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Why can users see some fields in list views that are hidden in the page layout?

Knowledge Article Number 000004716

Why can users see some fields in list views that are hidden in the page layout?


There are two (2) explanations why a user may be able to see a field in a list view or report, but not on a page layout.

1. In Professional, Enterprise, and Unlimited Editions, Administrators can specify that certain fields are not displayed in the page layouts for their users. Normally if a field is hidden in the page layout, it will not be accessible as a column header in a list view. However in list views, users can see required fields that are "derived" from associated records, even if the field is hidden in their page layout.

Note: In Professional Edition, the field must be in the page layout to display in a list view.
In Enterprise, Developer, and Unlimited Editions, Field Level Security determines whether or not the field is visible.


-If you hide the "Account Name" field on the cases page layout, users can still display the "Account Name" in a case list view.

-This is because the "Account Name" field is a required field for contacts, and the "Contact Name" is required for the cases page layout. Therefore, the "Account Name" is derived from the contact on a case, and it cannot be hidden in a list view.

2. In Enterprise Edition, using field-level security, administrators can specify that a field may be visible for a particular profile, but hide that field from the user on the page layout. This way, a user may still report on the field, but not visible on the record detail or edit page.

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