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Enable Connect for Office to sandbox

Knowledge Article Number 000004720

To connect to sandbox from Connect for Office (Word or Excel), registry modification is required, we'll show you what you need to do.


1.  Open Windows Registry Editor:

  • For Windows XP:                 Click on Start | Run and type in REGEDIT
  • For Windows Vista/7:          Click on Start and type in REGEDIT in the Search box

2.  In the Registry Editor navigate to "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\"

3.  Create a new key called 'Word'

4.  Highlight 'Word' and on the right hand side, create a STRING called 'Host' and give it the following value:

5. Repeat same if you want to connect to sandbox from Excel but create a key called 'Excel' instead of 'Word'

Alert icon Heads up - In order to connect back to production, remove the Word and Excel keys that were created to connect to sandbox or change the word 'test' to 'www' for the Host value.


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