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Dynamically assign Business Hours

Knowledge Article Number 000004728

How to dynamically assign a set of pre-defined business hours to a case based on the priority of a case?


It is possible to dynamically assign a set of pre-defined business hours to a case based on the priority of a case.

First of all, customize the business hours:

  1. Click Your Name | Setup | Company Profile | Business Hours
  2. Click New Business Hours and create the business hours setting 
  3. Remember to Click Active to allow users to associate the business hours with cases and escalation rules. [Click Active again to deactivate the business hours. You cannot delete business hours.] 
  4. Optionally, click Use these business hours as the default to set the business hours as the default business hours on all new cases.

Default business hours on cases can be automatically updated with other customized business hours on escalation rules: if the cases match escalation rule criteria and the rule is set to override business hours.

To create an escalation rule:

  1. Choose Your Name | Setup | Customize | Cases | Escalation Rules
  2. Choose New, and give the rule a name. Specify whether you want this to be the active escalation rule [only one escalation rule can be active per time]. Click Save. 
  3. To create the rule entries, click New. Each rule can have a maximum of 3000 entries. Each entry defines a condition that determines how cases are processed. 
  4. Specifies conditions that the case must match for it to be escalated [in your issue: Choose criteria are met and set a case filter to case: priority equal to ...] 
  5. Specifies how business hours apply to an escalated case (click on Set business hours and search for the business hour you created)

After creating the entry, click Save, or Save & New to save the entry and create more entries.

You can find further information on escalation rules here.

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