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Tips for sending Mass Email

Knowledge Article Number 000004735

Salesforce has a native mass e-mail functionality that allows bulk mailing 1,000 e-mails during a 24 hour period based on 12 midnight UTC.

Different editions allow sending the mails in different batch sizes:

  • Professional Edition = 250
  • Enterprise Edition = 500
  • Unlimited Edition = 1000

Salesforce recommends using this native method of mass e-mail for basic bulk e-mailing.  For advanced features such as enhanced tracking and opt out compliance, solutions can be found using some of the sophisticated mailing features that our partners have developed.
These advanced solutions can found on our AppExchange.


Mass mailing tips

  • We don't support or recommend other methods of bulk e-mailing from Salesforce.
  • Comply with all Internet protocols as mail abuse can lead to suspension of mail functionality.  
  • Send single e-mails, which is unlimited in Salesforce, as this is less problematic on the Internet.
  • At all times, proper e-mail etiquette and rules should followed.

One area to highlight where Internet standards can be easily violated is when purchasing mailing lists.  Often, recipients on these lists do not want to receive UCE (Unsolicited Commercial Email) and the lists can even contain Spam trap e-mails addresses

Salesforce monitors mailing practices to ensure we can obtain the highest deliverability of mail for our customers.

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