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Out of Scope: Building/Reviewing custom buttons and links

Knowledge Article Number 000004746

Scope of Premier Support on adding or modifying custom buttons.


Premier Support can add or modify custom buttons that do not require any code (HTML, Javascript, etc) or are not illegally passing parameters. Examples of things we cannot build would be  passing Account values when an opportunity is created. Examples of buttons and links that Premier support can build would be a report link, or a link to a specific Calendar. In addition, passing merge values via a URL into a Visual Flow is also supported.

For unsupported items, the developer forums and community resources usually have more information about these if you need additional assistance.  
Developer Forum
Customer Community
Developer Community Boards

Example of supported URL (this is a Report Link): 


Example of unsupported URL hack: 

url = url + "CF00N30000004X5LR={!currentOpportunity.Opportunity_Rep_Sales__r.Name}&"; 
url = url + "retURL={!currentOpportunity.Id}/00OU0000002298j?pv0={!Campaign.Id}
?pv0" still passes the merge field into a report, however everything else isn't (pv1, pv2 etc)


URL Hacking is out of scope for Premier Support and Standard Support.


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