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Queue Sharing Rule Does Not Give Access to Queue List View

Knowledge Article Number 000004750

I have created a Queue and set up a sharing rule that shares all Cases owned by the Queue with a role (not Queue Members).  When Queue Members access the default List View for the Queue, they can see cases with no problem.  However, when the users who have Queue Cases shared to them access the List View for the Queue, they see Insufficient Privileges, why?


This behavior is expected functionality.  The default List View that is created in conjunction with a Queue is filtered by Queue (a radio button in the List View settings).  When any List View is filtered by Queue, it is restricting visibility to Queue Members.  The Sharing Rule grants access to the records, however, it does not make them a member of the Queue.  

If adding the affected users as Queue Members is not ideal, the other workaround is to change the List View settings (accessible by clicking "Edit" on the List View).  Change the filter from the "Queue" radio button to the "All Cases" radio button.  Then, under additional filter criteria, set the criteria as follows:

Case Owner Alias equals "Queue Label"

This will return the same contents of the Queue List View, but is suitable for consumption by those outside of the Queue.  

***The same info is also applicable to Lead object with the filter being

Owner Alias equals Queue label

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