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How can I tell which Contacts, Tasks, and Events are already marked for sync in Outlook when using Connect for Outlook?

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When using the Connect for Outlook Plugin, How can I tell which Contacts, Tasks, and Events are already marked for sync in Outlook (all editions)?

Connect for Outlook is retiring in Winter ‘16. At that point, Connect for Outlook will no longer save your emails or sync your contacts, events, and tasks between Microsoft® Outlook® and Salesforce. But don’t worry! You’ll be even more productive when you uninstall Connect for Outlook and migrate to one of our latest email integration features, Salesforce for Outlook or Email Connect (Beta). Talk to your Salesforce administrator to learn which feature is compatible with your environment.

Many customers want to know which Contacts, Events, or Tasks have been Marked for Sync and which ones have not.  You have a couple of options to differentiate between the two:

You can simply open the contact by double clicking on it and look at the Category field. Every contact that is marked for sync or has been synchronized from Salesforce to Outlook would have the “” value in the categories field.

Or you can look at all the contacts marked for sync by changing the view:

1. Navigate to Contacts (or Tasks or Events) in Outlook.
2. Go to View | Current View | By Category.

This will list Contacts according to the category they reside in.  When in this view, all Contacts that are in the "" category are currently marked for sync (all other Contacts are not).  When you unmark for sync the Contacts that are in the '' category, they will move to a different category (in most cases "none").   This also works for Tasks and Events. 


-Contacts can belong to more than one category

-Typing in in the categories field will not mark the record (contact, task, or events) for sync and you must use the Mark for Sync button

-The following article shows you how to automatically assign a color to an event that you have marked for sync in Outlook 2003 and 2007:  Article #5696


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