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Out of Scope: Data Manipulation

Knowledge Article Number 000004848
Description Premier Support can create or update records in your organization as long as the data is formatted in a manner that can be used by a database tool like Data Loader or the Import/Update Wizards within Salesforce.


Premier Admin Support can create or update records in your organization, as long as the data is formatted by the customer in a CSV file.

Any data update that requires formatting or manipulation of the data, (i.e Vlookups, etc) or requires manual entry into each record, won't be serviced by Premier Admin Support.

If you are unsure if your request fits this criteria, log a case or call our hotline and consult a Premier Support Representative.

See What Editions Have API Access?​ to determine whether your organization may be API enabled and if it is, here are available tools that can help with data creation and manipulation:

  • Data Loader: Is a developer tool which will let you construct queries and create, export or update data. If you are an administrator with the Modify all Data permission you can download the installer from Setup, enter Data Management in the Quick Find box, then select Data Management 
  • Workbench: Note the “terms of service” for the workbench as it is not an officially support product. Support requests for Workbench should be directed to the Workbench discussion board.

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