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E-mail messages with corrupt Asian Characters using E2C Java Agent

Knowledge Article Number 000004858

If messages that are attached to Cases created by the E2C Java agent have garbled characters try adding the Language pack to the JRE.


If you are getting garbled characters when processing Shift-JIS or ISO-2002-JP or other Asian encoding try adding the language pack for Java.  Some versions come with language packs installed but still may have encoding issue.  Success has been seen downgrading Java to re1.5.0_22 and adding the language pack thus.

On the computer running the Agent

  1. START/CONTROL PANEL (From Windows Tool Bar)
  2. Add / Remove Program's
  3. Find the latest "Java 6" or Java install.
  4. Click Change
  5. Follow the instructions, and you should be brought to a place where there is an option for "Additional Languages" make sure this option is selected to install locally!
  6. Complete the installation process

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