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Currently there is no feature to make these fields optional for the Quotes and Order objects

Knowledge Article Number 000004928

Is there a way that I can make populating the Sales Price or Quantity "optional" on an Opportunity line item?


Salesforce CRM has the capability to:

1. Add default values for the Sales Price and Quantity fields on Opportunity Products.
2. Remove those fields from the Opportunity Product page layout.

This requires a manually enabled feature that enables this functionality and is called:

"Supply default opportunity line item values"

A case will need to be submitted to our Support organization for the activation of this feature.

This feature supports companies who may want to track products on an opportunity, but are not really interested in tracking the exact price or quantity at the SKU level, as that information may only be specified in more detail at a later stage of the deal cycle. This feature allows an organization to hide the Sales Price or Quantity fields (or both) from the opportunity product line item. The values for these fields will be populated by default to address the required status of each.

If this applies to you and you would like to utilize this capability, will be happy to activate this feature for you.

Please confirm that you would like the feature enabled for your organization and that you understand the following details related to its activation and use:

Once the feature is activated for your org:

1. The Sales Price field on opportunity product will be defaulted with the value of the List Price field from the price book (this same behavior has already existed prior to Winter '06). The default value can be edited.

2. The Quantity field on opportunity product will be defaulted with a value of 1. The default value can't be edited due to it is a standard field.  Essentially this portion of the functionality places the 1 for you.  When this feature is off you have to manually place a value in the Quantity field.

3. The Sales Price or Quantity field can be removed from:
(a) The Opportunity Product Page Layout
(b) The Opportunity Product Multi-Line Layout (will happen automatically with (3)(a)).

4. The Sales Price or Quantity field, once removed from the page layouts, can be moved back on to the page layouts. If they are wanted back on both the Opportunity Product Page Layout and the Opportunity Product Multi-Line Layout, both layouts would have to be edited individually - first the former, then the latter.

Note: If the Sales Price or Quantity field is present in Opportunity Product page layout, it will always be present on the Multi-Line Layout.


Please Note: If your organization is using the Quotes functionality the "Sales Price" and "Quantity" are still required fields. Currently there is no feature to make these fields optional for the Quotes and Order objects
There currently is a posting on the IdeaExchange for this functionality.  

If you would like to vote for this functionality, please follow the below link.
Sales Price field on Quote Line Item object not required

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