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Introduction to Salesforce AppExchange

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The AppExchange is the world’s leading business app marketplace and contains apps customized for Salesforce which extend Salesforce to every department and every industry.

AppExchange apps come from a proven ecosystem with millions of installs and have thousands of customer reviews to help you find the best match for your business. Eliminate risk and save time by finding the best tools that integrate with Salesforce and increase your team’s productivity and company’s growth.


Who contributes to the AppExchange?

Partners, developers, and anyone else who chooses to participate can offer their Apps on the AppExchange directory for all Salesforce users to find and install.


Which Salesforce editions have AppExchange available?

  • Developer Edition
  • Enterprise Edition
  • Group Edition
  • Performance Edition
  • Professional Edition
  • Unlimited Edition


How to enable the AppExchange in your organization

Getting started with the AppExchange is easy: just have your Salesforce System Administrator contact Salesforce Support.

Permissions Needed - Once AppExchange has been enabled, all Users with "Download AppExchange Packages" permissions can use it to install Apps.

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