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Why am I not receiving a Contract Expiration notice email?

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Why am I not receiving a Contract Expiration notice email as it should be here by now?


If you are not receiving a Contract Expiration notice email there are several things that could be preventing the email being sent.

  1. Verify the Salesforce IP address range has been white listed in your Mail infrastructure by your IT department.
  2. Confirm the expected notification message is not in your Quarantine/SPAM blocker folders.
  3. Make sure that you do not create custom fields for your contract end dates. The notification runs based on the Contract End date read only field.

In addition, Contract Expiration notification message are delivered for activated contracts only. In order to activate the contract, press the "Activate" button at the top of the Contract detail page.

A daily (run every 24 hours around mid-night) background process generates an e-mail notification message for any Contracts expiring within the selected "Owner Expiration Notice" field value. This assumes a valid contract start date and duration settings have been specified to properly calculate a Contract End Date (which the expiration notice is based on.)

NOTE: No activity history is stored on the Contract for the delivered expiration notification.

Further information about Contracts and their usage can be found via the Help & Training link.

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