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Salesforce CTI Overview

Knowledge Article Number 000004955

How do I integrate Salesforce with telephony systems?


Call Center Integration seamlessly integrates Salesforce with third-party computer-telephony integration (CTI) systems.  The user can use the features of a CTI system through the Salesforce SoftPhone, a customizable call control tool that appears in the sidebar of every Salesforce page.

The SoftPhone allows Salesforce users to:

-Make calls by dialing a number in the SoftPhone, choosing a number in an online directory, or clicking a phone number in
any contact, lead, activity, or account.

-Receive calls.

-Quickly view all Salesforce records that are related to the call, such as contacts, cases, or accounts.

-Transfer calls.

-Initiate conference calls.

-Put callers on hold.

-Attach records to calls.

-Generate automatic call logs.

Administrators can configure Call Center Edition by:

-Modifying SoftPhone layouts and assigning them to selected user profiles.

-Adding phone numbers to call center directories.

Developers can use Salesforce Call Center Edition code libraries to:

-Customize the functionality of existing CTI adapters.

-Build new CTI adapters for phone systems that are not yet supported

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