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Why do I get 'Error: Picklist value does not exist'?

Knowledge Article Number 000004960

Why do I get "Error: Picklist value does not exist"?


When creating a list view where the search criteria is based on a picklist, it is only possible to enter up to 80 characters. (Including spaces)

For Example:
If you click on the lookup box to enter the picklist values in the search criteria.
If the character length for all the values selected is 100. This means that roughly 20 characters will get cut off. If the cut off point occurs midway through one of the picklist values, then it will throw the error message you are receiving.

It is suggested that you check the last value that appears in the criteria and ensure that it is a full value that exists in the picklist. You will need to create another criterion for the same picklist to be able to filter on all the criteria you want. You can then use the OR function in the Advanced Options to get the correct results.

This can also occur if a picklist value has a comma in it. Such values need to be placed in quotes when used in filter criteria.

Another possible but less common cause is that the user running the report is using a locale other than English, and the translated picklist value they are filtering on is the same as an inactive picklist value. For example, suppose a picklist contains an inactive value called "Interno", as well as an active value called "Internal" and an Italian translation for this. Because the Italian translation is the same as the inactive value, when an Italian user tries to modify or export a report using it, they will get this error. The solution for this is to delete the inactive value causing the problem.

Note: This error will also appear in reports when filtering a criteria from a field wherein the value contains comma.

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