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How can I migrate my data from Professional Edition to Group edition ?

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How can I migrate my Data from Professional Edition to Group edition ?

Resolution Downgrading from PE to GE for some Objects and Records is a straightforward process but more difficult for others. Please before proceeding with the information below Salesforce would like you to view the video below to become familiar with what will be required to import all your Data from an Old Org into a New Org.  Also this article is under the assumption that you have all the vital Meta Data existing in your New Org.
Video: How to Import Data into Salesforce    

When downgrading to Group Edition, a new Salesforce Org ID is created and all the data needs to be transferred from the Old Org to the New Org.  If you do not feel you are up to this task please consider one of the following options:

1) Reach out to your Account Executive to discuss options
2) Find developer/admin or post job on AppExchange
3) Find AppExchange App to simplify migration such as using Import2

First the Meta Data such as custom fields, reports, and list views will all need to be recreated in the new Salesforce Org as mentioned above.

Second you will need to Exporting Backup Data from your Old Org this will provide you with a Zip File that has all your Org's Records in CSV format.  Your Company's Admins will be notified via email when this file is ready for Download.

Since Group Edition is not entitled for API and Apex Data Loader these task of importing and updating records are done through Data Import Wizard and Third Party Data Loaders.

Please Note:  Salesforce does not support these Third Party Apps.

According to What steps are needed to migrate my data from one organization to another? it is best to either create or import your Users.  

You can use the Data import Wizard to Import (Accounts & Contacts), Leads, Solutions*, and Custom Objects.

For Opportunities, Cases, and Activities:  You can export these records but there are no import wizards available for importing these records into Salesforce.
You will then need to either manually enter these records into Salesforce or use one of the Third Party App Data Loaders to import them. Please refer to the App Developer for any restrictions or Support for the App

*NOTE: Attachments, Notes, Campaigns, Price Books, Products, Schedules, Contracts, and Solutions cannot be migrated to GE.

Typically the order of Import for GE is as follows:
Custom Objects

This is so then you can run your VLookups and associate the new Salesforce IDs with the Old Salesforce IDs and have records connected properly.  Activities is a prime example since it has a WhoID and WhatId.  The WhoID is for Contacts and Users; while the WhatID signifies what other Object (Custom, Account, Case, etc.) the Activity is assigned to. 

Imp Note:- Salesforce Support is limited with how much support they can provide for Org Migrations.  Customers can contact a Consulting Partner or their Account Executive to get them connected with our Professional Services if they are not confident in their ability to complete the Org Migration of Meta Data and Data on their own.  Please note there will be cost involved if a Consulting Partner is tasked with completing this for the customer.

Additional Notes: 
This article is applicable to the following migrations or downgrades:
PE -> PE
PE -> GE

For following migrations, Import Wizard or manual data entry are the only options:
GE -> CE
CE -> CE

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