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Why can't I remove the decimals in my charts?

Knowledge Article Number 000004976

The feature to display decimals has been added in the new charting engine 2.0. 
If your field has decimals then those decimals will appear in your chart.

Here is the idea about the decimals in the chart:

If you do not want them to appear on you chart you'll need to go into the source report and create a custom summary formula.

Please access your source report and select "customize", then click Add Formula in the Fields menu on the left hand side.
  • The format of the formula should be NUMBER
  • Make sure "At all summary levels" is checked
  • The formula would look like this if you are using the Amount field: ROUND(AMOUNT:SUM,0)
  • Once you add the field you should add a chart to your report that uses that field so that you are forcing the dashboard to look at that field.
  • Save the report and refresh your dashboard.
Please note Custom summary formulas are available for summary, matrix, and joined reports.

For further information about how to create a custom summary formula field, please check the following article:
Build a Custom Summary Formula

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