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Why am I having problems cloning an Opportunity with Products?

Knowledge Article Number 000004982

If an Opportunity has any Products associated to it that are not Active, then the Opportunity can not be cloned. 

Additionally, when attempting to create a Quote, the following error message may occur:
"The opportunity contains the following inactive products. You must remove them from the opportunity or have them reactivated before you can create the quote."


Check the Product status under the Products tab to identify inactive Products.  Occasionally, the situation arises where the Clone button does not allow for the "Clone with Products" or "Clone without Products" options.  This is normally due to either the Opportunity Products being inactive or the Price Book those Products are associated to being inactive.  Check to make sure both the Products and the Price Book that is associated with your Opportunity are active.

It is recommended you create a report that shows the "Active" column so that you can view all inactive Products.

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