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What happens to my web leads / cases if Salesforce is experiencing difficulty?

Knowledge Article Number 000005004

What happens to my web leads / cases if Salesforce is experiencing difficulty?


If Salesforce has a known outage or you are experiencing problems logging on, you can be confident that your web to leads is still being submitted successfully.

If a web to lead or web to case is submitted when Salesforce is experiencing problems, these web submissions are queued in a cache and are submitted when the server is available.

If a Lead or a Case is submitted during a scheduled downtime, the queuing mechanism will cache the data for your organization. As soon as the system is available again, all queued data will be automatically added to the system. The queuing feature allows online Lead and Case capture to be available at all times and ensures that your customers are not affected by Salesforce scheduled downtimes.

There are still situations where online Leads and Cases are not automatically added to the system, but instead captured into an email. The data from the email can then be manually keyed into Salesforce. These exceptions apply at all times, not just during scheduled downtimes.

1. The Salesforce system sends the email to the Default Case / Lead Owner if the Daily Case or Lead limit is exceeded.
2. The Online Case / Lead Capture web form is configured to post directly to the app servers rather than to This is not a supported configuration, the queuing mechanism is only supported for posting to

The email is sent to Salesforce support if:

3. Online Lead / Case Capture is disabled.

4. The Online Case / Lead Capture web form contains an invalid Org ID.

5. The default Online Lead / Case user is not set.

The Salesforce support team will forward the emails to you in these scenarios and help you correctly configure your Online Case / Lead Capture setup.


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