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Unable to view Task Due Date and Event Date or Start Date on report?

Knowledge Article Number 000005019

Due to the nature of the relationship between the Task and Event objects some of the fields are directly related and their accessibility may be impacted.


The Task field Due Date and the Event fields Start Date and Date are directly impacted by the security implemented for each. If Field Level Security restricts access to the Due Date field on tasks then each of these 3 fields will be unavailable to be filtered or reported upon. 

While the restriction of the field on the report occurs, the related fields(Due Date, Date or Start Date) will still be able to be viewed on the Task or Event records.


In order to resolve this issue, the impacted user's profile must be granted access to each of these fields via Field Level Security. 

For more information on setting Field Level Security, please visit: Setting Field-Level Security for a Single Field on All Profiles

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