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Does Salesforce provide training to remote users? In other countries?

Knowledge Article Number 000005032

I am in a different country and would like to have Salesforce training remotely. Is it possible?


Salesforce remote users can use web-based free training, web-based custom designed training, and on-site training delivery channels. Salesforce can deliver training in other countries, as customer requires.

Salesforce has access to training facilities on a global basis through strong training facility partnerships. Salesforce typically delivers training programs in English, but can work with customers to develop a training program in other languages as needed, and most likely working with the Salesforce training partnerships.

Standard web-based public training courses in English are included in the subscription purchase price. Custom developed web-based, on-site or train-the-trainer training programs are not included in the subscription purchase price, but can be provided.

Additional information on training can be found here:-

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