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Help & Training for Customers and Nonprofit Customers

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Where are the resources dedicated to Nonprofit customers and/or users of Salesforce?  


Help & Training Options for Customers and Nonprofits

Help with using Salesforce

You are stepping into a framework with amazing, out-of-the-box, and limitless possibilities to help your organization grow. To get more help you can:


  • Visit website or click here.
  • Visit "Help & Training" in your instance of Salesforce by clicking on "Help & Training" in the upper right hand corner.
  • As a nonprofit you can also reach out and find a certified Partner (consultant) who specialize in helping Nonprofits to get advice, by clicking here.
  • Salesforce offers free Pro Bono help for organizations that may not be able to afford a consultant. For more information please click here.

Training Options

Please visit the Community Resources pages on the Power of Us Hub. The Power of Us Hub is an online Community for Customers, where both Customers, Employees, and Partners (Consultants) go to receive help, get advice, and support. If you have never visited the Hub click here.

After logging into the Power of Us Hub you will find training programs and help available to customers at either a deeply discounted cost or for free by clicking here, or on the following link: https://  There you will find the following options:

Paid Options:

Free Options:  
  • Pro Bono Support​ Help
    • ​Community help can be found by clicking here., scrolling down the page, and then choosing to log to post your request on either taproot, Catchafire, llinkedin, or Global Pro Bono
    • Pro Bono Services: To apply for this log into the Power of Us Community, and then click here.
  • Office Hours
    • a great place to learn how to use Salesforce with examples specific to nonprofit use cases, while posing questions in a live forum.
  • Power of Us Hub
    • ​Get help with getting started, Best Practice advice, and more from, Salesforce Partners, and other Nonprofits who use Salesforce
    • Access to Nonprofit Documentation, Nonprofit user groups, and specialized nonprofit chatter communities
    • For more go to, and then there enter using your Salesforce username and password (for first time users click here)
  • events and webinars
    • Webinar explaining the donation process
    • Recorded Dreamforce Sessions

Salesforce Training Options for Nonprofits 

If you are not a customer but would still like to receive help and training please click here.

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