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What are the best practices in uploading and searching for documents and its contents?

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Best practices for uploading and searching for documents and its contents



  1. When you search using keywords, each word within the search query is considered as a keyword. However, using quotes around a group of words will treat that group of words as one keyword.
  2. When you perform search, the system will by default search for the specific keywords in the document name, keywords, and description. 
  3. It is possible to search the contents of documents. However, it has to be enabled before the system searches the contents of the document. To enable the search for document contents, you will need to follow the following steps.
    • Setup -> Customize -> Search -> Search Settings There, you will need to select the 'Enable Document Content Search
    • The file extensions that are supported for content search include HTML, XHTML, PDF, PPT, Text (.css, .java, .txt, etc.), DOC, XLS and XML. 
    • A couple of things to remember are:
      • Not all PDF documents are searchable. To be precise, it's those PDF documents that are unable to locate a particular word when you use Adobe's FIND utility in it. Those PDFs are mostly created from non-textual data.
      • Sometimes PDF documents have security settings that make the contents non-searchable. 
      • Changing file extension from one searchable document type (such as .html) to another (such as .txt) will make the file unreadable to the system, and so it will generate errors.
  4. You are able to upload documents via the Data Loader, including the keywords. Keywords are treated as text fields, and so you will have to watch out for the length (which is 255) of those keywords.

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