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Why am I missing records in my report?

Knowledge Article Number 000005085

If a report is missing records or contain records that should not be displayed, please use the following suggestions to make sure that the report is set up correctly:

  • Does every user have a role (displayed on user records)?  Activity and Opportunity reports rely on the Role or Territory Hierarchy to determine what records should be accessible to a user. Users without a role identified will not have their records displayed within these reports. This also applies for System Administrators, though as an Administrator you will be permitted to click through the "Organization Drill Down."
  • Verify that the records expected all fall into the TIMEFRAME identified on the report.  If a user does not have any records that fall within the defined timeframe interval, then no records will be displayed on the report for that user.
  • Verify that the records expected all fall into the FILTER CRITERIA section on the report.

For example: If the record is an Opportunity that is Closed/Won and the Opportunity Status in the filter is "Open", then that record will not be displayed.

  • Check the built in filters such as "All", "My Team" or "Any".
  • Is the report type selected appropriately?  Please remember that if you have a multiple relationships built between two objects you will need to select the appropriate one to get the correct results. For example If you are using a Opportunities with Contact Roles report type, then any Opportunity without an Contact Role will not appear.
  • Have fields from a Child object been selected to be displayed, filtered upon or summed? If a field is incorporated from a report within a standard report type it may change the dynamic of the report.
  • Report created using the custom report type would not follow the sharing rule on the opportunity and activity objects

For Example:

  • When running an Opportunities with Products report, if there are no Product or Pricebook fields selected to be displayed, then the report type will be treated solely as an Opportunities report. Once a field is used from either of these child objects, then it will once again require that relationship be defined.
  • Using standard report type Activities with Cases - Activities will not show up unless it is related it has a contact (Name field) even if it's related to a case. This usually occurs when an activity is created through email. 
  • Using custom report type "Case with activities" - Any activities will show up on report related to a case even without relation to any contact.

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