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Content in case attachments is garbled and displays strange characters

Knowledge Article Number 000005101

The garbled characters are caused by the document mimetype (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) being set as TEXT/HTML when using Firefox.

The reason for this is because Firefox is detecting the mime type of the document as TEXT/HTML because the upload tool is a HTML type. This Firefox bug comes and goes as it does not occur on all releases.


To correct issue

a) You will need to open the document detail page and right click on the link and choose "Save As" . Click on save document. Once document is downloaded, re-upload the document in Internet Explorer and delete the original.

b) You can also use the API with Dataloader to extract a list of the documents and the "ContentType". Once it has been exported, you can then update the mime types in Excel then use Dataloader to update records.


a) Use Internet Explorer to upload these documents.

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