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Why are some activities lost after converting a lead?

Knowledge Article Number 000005108

Some activities are lost after converting a lead


When a user converts a Lead the following actions will occur:

  1. An Account will be created from the company name that was associated to the Lead.
  2. A Contact will be created attached to the Account from the Lead information.
  3. Users have the option to create an Opportunity that will also be attached to the created Account.

NOTE: If you choose to create an Opportunity during this conversion process, but then subsequently decide to delete it, you Will lose all activity History

However, if you choose not to create an Opportunity during the initial conversion, all activity history will be linked to the newly created Contact. If you have already deleted the Opportunity, but would like the activity history to be linked to the Contact record, restore the Opportunity from the Recycle Bin, and edit the tasks to link them to the appropriate record.

NOTE:  If the DELETED opportunity is still in your RECYCLE BIN, undelete it. Open each activity record, select Accounts on the Related to field, and use the look up function to associate it to the correct account. Once you have re-associated all of the tasks, then you can re-delete that opportunity.

NOTE: The Chatter feed of the lead record is not transferred during conversion; however, there is a workaround on the AppExchange:

Lead Convert Chatter

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