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How do I enable the Big Deal Alert for my organization?

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How do I enable the Big Deal Alert for my organization?


To set up a Big Deal Alert for your organization, please follow the steps below:

1. Click on:

Setup | App Setup | Customize | Opportunities | Big Deal Alert.

2. Enter a Name, Trigger Amount, and Trigger Probability for the alert. An opportunity alert will be triggered when opportunities reach both the probability and amount or greater.

3. Enter the From Email Name and From Email Address for the alert. Select a user that provides the appropriate opportunity page layout, language, and currency settings for the content of the alert emails. This user must have the "View All Data" permission in their user profile.

NOTE: For organizations using multi-currencies, all alerts include the amount in the currency of the opportunity. If the opportunity currency is different than the currency of the user selected in this step, both currencies are included in the email

4. Enter a list of alert email recipients, separated by commas. You can also include CC: and BCC: recipients. Check the Notify Opportunity Owner box if you would like to include the owner of the opportunity in the alert emails.

5. Click "Save".

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