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What is NGO Connect (roundCorner) ?

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NGO Connect is a Platinum App that is a CRM and fundraising solution for constituent centered nonprofits. Offered by roundCorner, it delivers constituent engagement, fundraising, online giving, event and volunteer management in a single solution to help your entire organization build and nurture life-long relationships with your constituents. roundCorner is a Salesforce Platinum ISV Partner, and the first Platinum App Partner for the Enterprise Nonprofit Fundraising market in North America. NGO Connect helps nonprofits achieve their Connected Nonprofit vision.



What is NGO Connect?

NGO Connect is a Platinumapplication developed by roundCorner (rC). NGO Connect offers the essential fundraising, event, membership and volunteer management tools that enable your organization to manage all of your efforts in one place. It’s all built social, mobile and cloud from the ground up. NGO Connect will connect your entire nonprofit, so you can collaborate seamlessly with your entire community of staff, partners and supporters anytime, anywhere to accelerate all of your fundraising and engagement efforts and deliver more impact. NGO Connect and Advancement Connect are currently only available to Nonprofit or Higher Education organizations located in the US or Canada.

To find out more:

  • If you would like to learn more about NGO Connect, sign up, or information about testing, please click here and fill out the form.
  • For videos about NGO Connect click here:
  • If you a member of the Power-of-Us Hub, you can click here for more information about NGO Connect.
  • Before installing we suggest that you consider the links above. Please be advised that it is highly suggested that you work with a Salesforce Partner to install and setup NGO Connect
  • To install NGO Connect directly you can click on the following link:
Signing Up

Whether you are signing up to get more information or want to use the product you will need to first fill out the form on the link below:

After filling out the form you will need to wait to hear back from a Nonprofit Innovation Specialist from roundCorner. As a US or Canada based Organization you will hear back within 1-4 business days. Please check your email for the reply (and if needed check your spam box) to see the message and reply accordingly. 


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