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Limiting and filtering mass email list to 250 or fewer recipients

Knowledge Article Number 000005169

When you create a mass email list view, you might go over the allowed limit of 250 recipients per view and you will see an error similar to the following:

"The view that you specified exceeds the maximum of 250. Please narrow your search criteria by editing the view or create a new view."


The list view functionality is an effective way to limit the list of e-mail recipients to 250 or fewer. If your current search criteria results in more than 250 records in the results than we suggest refining your search to limit / filter the result set.

The advanced filter options in list views can be used to produce a list of recipients that fit certain criteria. Below are a few suggestions and guidelines to help you use the filter section to refine and limit your result set:

Try using:

Last Activity | not equal to | TODAY
First Name | starts with | A, B, C, D, E, F, G
Last Name | starts with | A, B, C, D
Status | not equal to | Dead
State | equals | CA, AZ, WA, OR, UT, NV
Account Rating | equals | Hot
Account Revenue | greater than | 50,000,000
Account Industry | equals | BioTech, Tech
Account Ownership | equals | Public
Create Date | greater or equal | LAST MONTH

Also See Mass Mail Limits for limits appropriate to your edition of Salesforce

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