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Report doesn't show all Activities, Tasks, or Events

Knowledge Article Number 000005175

To help Salesforce run as efficiently as possible, some activity records are automatically archived and made unavailable in reports, list views, and search.

Reasons activity records are archived

  • Events with a due date greater than 365 days old.
  • Closed tasks with a due date greater than 365 days old. (closed tasks with no due date will be archived based on the create date)

Note: Open tasks will not be archived.

Where to view archived activity records

Even though archived activity records aren't available in reporting, you can still see them when you view their associated parent records. For example, click View All on any account, contact, lead, opportunity, case, or campaign record for a complete view of all activities. You can also see archived activities in the printable view for each record.


Workarounds to view archived Activities, Tasks, or Events

  • Learn how to extend the default archive period in our "Increasing Archive Days for your Organization" help article.
  • You can also extract all old activity records through the API.  Choose the "Export All" option in Data Loader and that will include archived and deleted records.

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