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How do I change the fields used by Hover Details?

Knowledge Article Number 000005180

How do you change the hover detail settings?


Editing the hover detail settings to include or remove fields that you would like displayed and can be customized for each page layout. To edit these settings follow the clickpath below:

For Standard Objects: Click on Setup | Customize | (Object you wish to edit) | Page Layout
For Custom Objects: Click on Setup | Create | Objects | (Object you wish to edit) | Page Layout

Then select edit for the page layout that you wish to change the hover details for.

Near the top right of the page there will be a link labeled Mini Page Layout. It will in the blue bar just above the available fields.

After clicking the link a new page will load with two columns the left is the available fields and the right are fields included in the hover detail.

Select a field from the left column and add it to the right column to add it to the hover detail and vice versa to remove it.

Click save and the new fields you selected or removed will be added or removed from the hover detail.

NOTE: Feature not available to Group Edition Customers.

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