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How do I add a Content-ONLY User?

Knowledge Article Number 000005191

How do I add a Content-ONLY User?


With Salesforce Content, our customers have the ability to assign a User with a Salesforce Content Only license (similar to Partner licenses).


Note: Content and Content-Only are separate License Types. An Org must be provisioned with Content-Only licenses to use this solution.


First add your new user:

Setup | Administration Setup | Manage Users | Users | New User


In the "user license" field - the admin needs to choose "Content-only User" instead of "Salesforce" (what they would use for CRM users), and then ensure the "Salesforce Content user" box on the user perm is checked. (The profile should automatically be set to "Content-only User" for that user.)


That user should only be able to see the home page, the 4 content tabs (workspaces, contribute, content, subscriptions), and the Ideas tab. The admin should also be able to expose Reports and Dashboards for the Content-only user, but those will only show reporting on the Content object.

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