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Why does bounce management not work sometimes?

Knowledge Article Number 000005193
Description Why does bounce management not work sometimes?
Resolution Once bounce management has been activated users may test this by sending an e-mail to a non-existent domain or an invalid recipient at an existing domain.
At the moment we set the email address as invalid for 'user unknown' and other known user errors that our application receives from an intended recipients mail server. This means that we have contacted the MTA (Message Transfer Agent) that owns the domain, presented the recipient to them and they have rejected it with a 5xx error that amounts to user unknown. If we get any other error messages that are not listed below the email may not be marked as invalid. If we do not receive any bounces from customer's side (their MTA) Salesforce will not mark the Emails as bounced or invalid.

The main replies from an MTA that trigger the bounce alert are:

·         account has been disabled
·         account inactive
·         address is unknown
·         address not valid
·         addressee unknown
·         bad address
·         bad destination
·         does not exist
·         inactive user
·         invalid address
·         invalid email
·         invalid mailbox
·         invalid recipient
·         invalid user
·         mailbox not found
·         mailbox unavailable
·         no longer active
·         no longer on server
·         no mailbox found
·         no mailbox here
·         no mailbox here by that name
·         no such mailbox
·         no such recipient
·         no such user
·         not a valid mailbox
·         not our customer
·         recipient address rejected
·         recipient cannot be verified
·         recipient is in my bad
·         recipient is not in
·         recipient rejected
·         recipient unknown
·         rejected recipient
·         sender address rejected
·         this user doesn't
·         unknown or illegal alias
·         unknown recipient
·         unknown user
·         user invalid
·         user is inactive
·         user is unknown
·         user not known 
·         user unknown 

Note: For more information on Bounce Management, see Configuring Deliverability Settings​
For Bounce Alerts related to Workflows, see Workflow Rule: Email Alert Does Not Utilize Bounce Management Address

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