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Subject blank on Activities created via Mass Email

Knowledge Article Number 000005201
Description If Activities created by Mass Emails are coming in with a blank subject, it's because a description wasn't set in the email template. Here's how you can fix the problem. 

When using the Mass E-mail wizard, you can select to store an Activity for each record.

If you don't have a description set in the email template, the subject will simply say "Mass Email:."

Add a description to an email template

Before you try to update the description in the email template, make sure you have permission to edit public templates.

1. Click Setup.
2. Click Communication Templates | Email Templates.
3. Click Edit for the template that you need to update. 4. Add the description for the template.
5. Click Save.

Or, if you don't see those options you can try to access the templates from your profile.

1. Click the down arrow next to your name.
2. From the menu, click Setup or My Settings.
- You'll only see "Setup" or "My Settings," not both.
3. From the left navigation, click Email | Email Templates.

For additional info on configuring Mass Emails, check out the documentation article Send Mass Email in Salesforce Classic​.

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