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Can we create apex classes in production org

Knowledge Article Number 000005207
Creating an Apex class in live Production instance is not supported at this time. Only Developer Edition, Sandbox, and Trial Organizations have the ability to create, edit, and delete Apex classes and triggers directly in the Salesforce CRM user interface.

Here's what you should know :

  • Unlimited Edition and Enterprise Edition Production Organizations can execute Apex and can view Apex in the user interface, but modifying Apex in the user interface is not allowed.
  • The Apex classes and triggers should first be written in a Developer Edition, Sandbox, or Trial Organization along with the appropriate test methods with at least 75% of test coverage.
  • To activate the Trigger Function in a live Production environment, you'll need to use either the Salesforce ANT Tool or Apex Toolkit for Eclipse to deploy.
  • The New button also doesn't appear in Apex Class, not just triggers.

Note: You can only create new triggers from within an Object. You won't find "New" button on the Apex Triggers section in the Setup menu. 

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