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Requesting additional allowed Domains

Knowledge Article Number 000005214
Description Available in:  All Editions

Before requesting additional domains, please be sure you've already disabled Email Change Verification

After disabling Email Change Verification you may find that you have a business need to add another company owned domain. Please take the following steps to have Salesforce Support add domains: 
1. Send a consent letter that includes:
  • A signature of an active System Administrator in the organization. 
  • Be sure it's completed on your company's letterhead. 
  • Include the username and Organization ID.
2. Provide a list of company owned domains that you want Support to add (e.g.

Do you own the domain(s) you are requesting to add? If not, please have the owner of the Domain also provide a signed letter of consent to have this added to your allowed domain list.
4. Explain your company's business need for using separate domains.
Note: Support is unable to add non-company domains without consent from that company. To get consent, please have that company's representative send a consent letter on their company letterhead with approval. 

For faster processing, please Scan/Email the letter to the Salesforce Support Representative working with you. Or, fax to (415) 592-3583 and notify the Salesforce Support Representative.

Good to know: Domains can be removed with no additional letter upon request. 

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