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Mass transfer accounts to another user using the User Interface

Knowledge Article Number 000005225

Available in: Contact Manager, Group, Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer Editions

As your organization changes you may need to transfer ownership of all accounts and related data from one user to another. Here's how your administrator can quickly perform this function using the "Transfer Accounts" option.


Transfer accounts from to another in bulk (in the UI)

Notes: Individual accounts can be transferred by the current owner to a new owner as long as the new owner is a registered user.


1. Navigate to Setup | Administration Setup (or Administer if "Enable Improved Setup User Interface" is enabled) | Data Management | Mass Transfer Records, then click Transfer Accounts

Alternative method: Click Transfer Account in the "Tools" section of the "Accounts" tab.

2. In the "Transfer From" field, click the magnifying glass to select the user with the accounts you want to transfer.

3. In the "Transfer to" field, click the magnifying glass to select the user you want to transfer the accounts to.

4. Select your desired preferences and criteria, then click Find.

Note: If you change an account owner without both "Transfer Closed Opportunities" and "Keep Opportunity Team" the opportunity team members’ access for closed opportunities becomes Private (the opportunity team members will lose access to any closed opportunities).

5. Select the accounts you'd like to transfer, then click Transfer.

Account transfer process considerations

When you transfer ownership of an account, the new user will own:

  • Any notes that belong to the existing owner.
  • All contacts that belong to the existing owner.
  • All opportunities (including optionally closed opportunities) that belong to the existing owner.
  • All open activities assigned to the existing owner. Note that completed activities will not be transferred.
  • The new owner might need to edit sharing.


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