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How do I change a user's profile?

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How do I change a user's profile?


Professional, Enterprise, Performance and Unlimited edition organizations can set up custom profiles by cloning standard ones. Editions such as Group and below would not be able to do the same as custom profiles are not available for these editions. You need to set up a new profile before assigning it to a user.

To change a user's profile:

1. Click on: Setup | Administration Setup | Manage Users | Users.
2. Find the user you want to change to a different profile.
3. Click on the "Edit" link next to the user name.
4. In the right-hand column of the user information change the profile from whatever is currently set to the new profile you want them to have.
5. Click "Save".

Notes - Available profile depends also on the License type. Every profile belongs to exactly one user license type. Please refer to Profiles overview documentation
          - You cannot edit your own profile. (Why can't I edit my own user Profile?

For more information on editing users, follow this link: Edit User's

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