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Why can the PRM Channel Managers in my organization see each other's Opportunities which roll up to them?

Knowledge Article Number 000005250

If PRM Channel Managers are assigned the same User Role, they will be able to view each other’s Partner User-owned Opportunities that roll up to them.  This is because the application only evaluates the roll-up of Partner User-owned Opportunities for the Roles that the Channel Managers are assigned and not the specific Channel Manager User above the Partner User in the Role Hierarchy.

Parent Role
> Channel Manager role
> Partner role per Account

*Channel Manager = Owner of an Account Record that is Customer or Partner enabled.

Resolution If you would like the Channel Managers to not be able to view the Partner User-owned Opportunities that roll up to other Channel Managers, you can assign each Channel Manager their own individual sister Role.  This way they would still have the same roll-up as they did originally, but they would not be able to see each other's Partner User-owned Opportunities.

Their role will look like this:

Parent Role
> Channel Manager 1 role
> Partner role
> Channel Manager 2 role
> Partner role

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