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Reset password without your security question answer

Knowledge Article Number 000005251
Resolution It's still possible to regain access to your login if you've forgotten the answer to your secret question, but you'll need to contact your Salesforce System Administrator.

Once you're able to login, make sure to change your security question and answer using the steps in our "How do I change my security question?" help documentation.

Support for Administrators

Administrators - you can reset passwords using the steps in our "Reset Passwords for your Users" help documentation.

If you're the only Administrator and you can't access your login, create a case with Salesforce Customer Support and request to reset your password (please include your username in your case details).
Note: If you need to reset your password and you don't have access to the email address connected to your username, follow the steps in our "Change the System Administrator for my Salesforce account" help documentation.

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