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Bounce message for the undelivered emails shows "571 incorrect IP - psmtp

Knowledge Article Number 000005292

There are messages from Salesforce to your domain bounces and the bounce message for the undelivered emails is "571 incorrect IP - psmtp."


An IP Lock configuration has been set up to tie the domain in the sender address of an email with the IP range of the mail servers authorized to send emails from that domain, and the list of allowed IP address ranges does not include the Salesforce mail servers sending these messages.

To resolve this issue, add the IP addresses of the Salesforce servers to the IP Lock list. According to Salesforce support, the IP address spaces are as follows:

The batch commands to add these ranges to your IP Lock configuration are:

addallowedip ,:
addallowedip ,:
addallowedip ,:
addallowedip ,:

Adding an IP range does not bypass spam and virus filtering.

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